Used Car Inventory - Now is the Time to Upgrade to the Next Generation Software

The next generation of Used Car inventory solutions is here—Lot Management.

This inventory solution takes the best of two distinct types of inventory tools, combines them, and then takes it all to the next level.

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To buy, or not to buy: that is the question … but maybe the better question is: “What are the top four things Used Car Inventory Managers rely on to purchase the right vehicles?”

Time-Wasters Good Inventory Managers Avoid
Think about the day-to-day operations of your inventory manager. How do they spend their time throughout the day? If their tasks aren't handled efficiently, many can become mindless time-wasters. And time-wasting can, and should, be avoided.

A Scientific Approach to Your Used Car Inventory
"I spend a lot of time talking with dealers like you all over the country. Here’s what we’ve been hearing…"

Gain additional insight on how to improve your Used Car inventory turn-time by visiting our  Insight Center.

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Lot Management is powered by RedBumper
Redbumper is a new breed automotive inventory management company created by Bruce Thompson. Thompson is widely credited for pioneering modern day inventory management, when he introduced new tools to appraise and manage stocking of used vehicles in 2001.

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